Polish medical specialists READY to BLEND into the Gulf market

14 Nov , 2015  


Promotional event of Poland in Dubaizapowiedz bogowie consortum

Polish residents in UAE representing trusted group of medical practitioners had a great chance to blend with other UAE based health care practitioners. On 29th October 2015 several polish organizations and polish residents based in the UAE presented Poland medical history to the public by screening of the block buster Polish movie “Bogowie” (eng. “Gods”) in Ibn Batuta Mall – Novo Cinema following a cocktail event in Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate. That night gave a perfect opportunity to learn more about Poland and meet polish residents.



Close encounters of medical practitioners residing in the UAE from all over the World

Polish Medical Platform in the GCC invited 85 special guests from the medical sector, representing 20 countries such as: Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, New Zeland, Oman, Palestine, Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, UK, USA.
The event hosted a variety of medical specialists, namely: anesthesiologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, midwifes, nurses, orthopedists, pharmacists, physiotherapists. Polish Medical Platform invited also several companies representing polish entities representing the sector of medical tourism (Consortium of Medical Services)  and locally based cosmetic medicine clinics (Ivona Speciality Clinic) along with local retailers of Polish medical and cosmetic brands (Mediluxe) .

How to promote Poland in the Gulf?

By polish medical sector and medical specialists!

WP_20151029_031As per Mr Andrzej Sulimierski (Polish nationality) – Deputy manager of Rehabilitation Department and physiotherapist from Neuro Spinal Hospital Dubai:
I was shocked about the turn out of guests at the cinema. We didn’t know/expect that a movie with the medical background would have a huge turnout. Promotion of Poland with presence of polish medical practitioners brought more meaning to the event, showcasing also medical potential based locally by present health care

staff. We are aware that more polish professionals will soon be joining UAE and that is why we feel that this kind of platforms are important to build relationships. Our event was and will be supported by the initiative #MyPOLANDinUAE showcasing biographies of Polish residents to other

nationalities. Patronage over the activity will create additional value for our action.

Movie screening


Polish Medical Platform in GCC was involved in organizing the medical networking event where special guests were invited for the screening of a Polish movie “Bogowie” – “Gods” . The movie which is based on a true story, explains the development of doctors and health care providers in Poland, sharing great medical achievements. It was one of the movies featured during the prestigious 2015 European Festival Screening. The Cinema was full of Polish and other foreigners along with special guests. The cinema accommodated a full house sitting of 150 people .
There was a Q&A session before and after the movie which was mainly aimed at allowing the interaction of public with the organizers,Polish Cinema Association representatives, movie creators ,festival public relation officer and polish embassy representatives.

The movie was a perfect platform to present certain values of polish medical specialists such as taking care of patients, regardless of the situation, fighting for their well-being, showing dedication to their profession. Lack of finances and systemic support also proved to be a hindrance that Polish doctors were able to move past. The movie also portrays the passion of the ‘great doctor’ to help others while aiming high.

About the movie

Positive ambiance, sense of humor and visible dedication of Polish doctors

WP_20151029_012As per Dr Wojciech Kurczek  (Polish nationality) –  cardio anesthetists from Al Qassimi hospital in Sharjah who worked with Prof. Religa ( main character of the movie), described the authenticity of the movie content to the present time frame. The movie presented great doctors and their potential along with Poland speciality related to those times. Dr Wojciech and his wife were very positive,

and shared good feed back towards the movie quoting that ”the ambiance of the movie created a positive outlook to doctors’ There was a lot of

positive ambiance, good laugh to some dialog and visible dedication of polish doctors. He believes that much more medical practitioners from Poland will arrive to UAE soon to offer their best skills.


As per Ms Klaudia Lach (Polish nationality) , First Counselor, Economic and Consular Division, Charge d’affaired a.i. of the Republic of Poland : Public had a chance to meet with movie creators, what definitely improved the understanding of the movie. We wish to improve cooperation with the UAE scene and hopefully introduce more polish movies, we are expecting good response.

Medical Networking during the cocktail event

Effective small business talks during afterparty


WP_20151029_030After the screening of the movie all guests were invited to IBN Battuta Movenpick Hotel – within a walking distance from the cinema, where the Medical Networking meeting and the Polish cocktail event awaited for them.
It was the 3rd official gathering of members of Polish Medical Platform in the GCC along with the 1st official international medical networking. Invited international guests met polish medical practitioners and those for whom health care sector is a daily bread, focusing on facilitating new medical contacts and the recognition of mutual business opportunities. Initially in small groups, guest were able to interact and share their own experiences. Recognition of needs and market trends were the main topics, incorporating polish medical brands, products and companies.

Polish Medical Platform in conjunction with Polish Embassy and Polish Trade Office brought to the attention of the public, the offer of medical tourism, human power recruitment for the medical field along with the potential of polish technology and medical brands. During the networking event, Polish Embassy and Polish Trade Office in Abu Dhabi confirmed the support for Polish Medical Platform in GCC.

About the response from the sector

20151029_233427_Richtone(HDR)Mrs Katarzyna Kluza (Polish nationality) – senior Midwife from Al Zahra Hospital Dubai believes that there is a great potential for Polish medical staff and polish brands in the UAE. Skilled nurses, doctors and other medical personnel will be in the UAE and soon to be more recognized in the region. She is a good example of good education provider to her team members and colleagues as her personal skills were well recognized topping the qualification of the hospital.



We can recognize the trend of polish medical professionals coming i.e. doctors and physiotherapists arriving to UAE and KSA increasing number of existing residents from Poland in the Gulf. Recognition of polish health care professionals quality gaining trust and understanding. They are recognized as well skilled, having good medical reasoning, posses great manual techniques and present the ability to create good relationship with their patients and families. Recrutation events towards polish practitioners are also improving.

Gulf Medical sector situation:

WP_20151029_028As per Dr Sebastian Tomasz Stepnicki (Polish nationality) , Head of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Abu Dhabi : The polish medical sector has been getting stronger and while increasing awareness in the region by the number of recent publications and marketing/ promotional events consisting of strong evidence of polish medical specialists and good business opportunities with polish companies. Presenting best medical products in the near future, offering medical tourism to Poland, supporting polish brands and improve the dialog with UAE based companies state the solid part of the Poland promotion strategy program for the Gulf . Polish trade office as a department of the Polish embassy in Abu Dhabi included the medical tourism and the potential of polish medical professionals into promotion of Poland in 1 of 4 main trade divisions.

Role of Polish Medical Platform in GCC in the future

wishes to invite all medical practitioners to cooperate with expanding the network of polish practitioners in the Gulf as well as with Gulf based companies which cooperate with polish brands to improve awareness on the Gulf market.

We plan next meetings to include moderated talks, educational events, polish products and medical personnel potential promotions. The platform aims to reach towards cooperation with other groups during networking events.

The event entirely fitted into 2014 marketing campaign TREATMENT-TOURISM-POLAND organized by Consortium of Medical Services promoting new reasons to travel to Poland for Medical tourism purposes.

Polish Medical Platform in GCC is an initiative of Consortium of Medical Services Poland – medical tourism facilitator representing and promoting 30 polish facilities meeting highest medical tourism requirements for the GCC patients.

Let’s be active together!

WP_20151029_031Polish Medical Platform in GCC aims to constantly promote Poland and polish medical specialists in the UAE and Gulf region. We wish to become a strong force in conjunction with Polish embassies and Polish trade offices to prove high specialty of Polish medical sector including medical practitioners and Polish brands. We wish to be a connecting point of interests to polish medical specialists and achieve the meeting needs of the Gulf market. So far we created the list of polish residents in the Gulf – medical practitioners and the list has been expanding.

Prepared by: Polish Medical Platform in the GCC – Dubai chapter/ 2015

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