Polish Medical Platform in GCC founded on 15th May 2015 in Dubai as an initiative of Consortium of Medical Services from Poland – medical tourism (

The reason to create the Polish Medical Platform was to gather Polish healthcare professionals based in the Gulf Region and promote Poland through their excellent manpower in the region, services, products and medical approach towards international patients and partners in the Gulf region. During many business trips of Consortium of Medical Services taken in the Gulf region, we had an opportunity to meet Polish medical practitioners and realized about a niche and lack of gathering them in a specific group.

In 2017, Platform gathers about 35 members in different medical fields with the majority of Polish physiotherapists and medical doctors. Till today members organized professional meetings, attended conferences,  organized trade missions in the region for medical field companies. On a daily basis, our members consult and refer patients among each other along with the daily practice of clinical tasks.

The Platform has also a sister initiative that will always go along  #MyPOLANDinUAE presenting a biography of Polish citizens in UAE.dsadsa